Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's a New Year!

Welcome to 2010!!

My friend, Mary, inspired me for my new years resolution this year. Last year, she read a book called "Yes Man" and he said yes to everything. Like her, I don't plan on saying yes to everything, but definitely to a lot of different things that I would normally say no to.

I have a few different resolutions, and that is one, and I already have a good list of things that I KNOW I would say no to and am going to give a try::
1) Try Zumba at the Y near me (or Pilates)
2) Go to a college group alone
3) Eat at places that I usually complain about (Mexican..ick)
4) Take sewing lessons
Those are only a few that I know I plan to say yes to. As another resolution, I plan to write down all the things that I say yes to, this will help me build confidence and show me how much I can accomplish on my own.

Some other resolutions
-Read the New Testament.
-Write 150 blog entries. This is a lot for me, as I definitely didn't do much this year. I need to write about 12 per month which I think is do-able.
-Exercise Regularly. Hopefully I'll like the Zumba or Pilates class! :)
-Read 30 books. That's about 2 and half books per month. That doesn't sound like a lot, but as a full time science student, I think it'll be a challenge and it'll help give me a much needed break. I also plan to blog about these.
- Start sewing a quilt-- I am SO excited about this. I hope I love it!

I've never made resolutions before, as I know i'll never do them, so hopefully I can stick to them!


  1. Those sound like pretty neat resolutions, Bethany. I've gone to zumba classes at the gym at school and they're a lot of fun. I of course have to recognize my total limitations as a white girl, but it still is fun.

  2. Those are really great resolutions! I might have to borrow a few.