Monday, December 28, 2009

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How honest should I be?
I've discovered about myself that I rarely honest with myself about things that I don't want to face. I just tend to ignore them, push them aside, tell myself I'll deal with it later.. But then the night comes and I have nothing to distract me. It's just me. It leaves me to deal with it and thus leaves me awake when I should be sleeping.

It drives me crazy.

I'm finding myself torn and dealing with these emotions that I didn't think I would have. I don't know what to do about them so I just don't do anything. Healthy? I think not.

I am going to dinner with a good friend tomorrow and that'll probably help. She is an amazing person that really understands me and if she doesn't just lets me vent until I feel better anyways. She is the only one who I can really go to (other than my mom) and really give me fantastic advice. I can't wait. I hate that we live in different cities.. I need help dealing with this silly out-of-nowhere emotions and she's the one to do that. Thank goodness for her. She's a blessing, for sure.
Me and Mary

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