Thursday, September 10, 2009


I knew that this whole move thing was going to be hard, but I was not aware that it was going to be this hard.

It's just hard coming home to the apartment -- alone -- and not getting to vent about the day with my mom or my roommate. I get to come home to an empty, dark apartment. I turn on the TV alot to keep myself company, and 'Gilmore Girls' have become my great friends.

It's hard to call my mom and her be out with brother or hanging with Kate and I didn't realize I would take it that hard. I want to be out with my mom or hanging out on the couch, doing nothing, but at least I'd be doing nothing with someone.

I don't really have any extra money to spend on eating out, so I eat most of my lunches in my apartment, and I can't go out and shop when I'm bored, in fear of finding something I like.. (and window shopping isn't fun).

I only go to class 2 times out of the week and the rest are online, so I don't get just go to campus and people watch between classes or just hang out hoping to find someone I know..

I know that I have Tyler, but he lives about 15 minutes away and he's working with someone now and likes to run alot, which doesn't leave much time to hang out.

It's just hard.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I just need to breathe, and relax.

I have orientation tonight!
Online classes start tomorrow!
And, on Monday, I start "in person" classes.

I am super excited.

My apartment is looking pretty great. I donn't have much decorations, but I've become a master sale shopper. I got 3 BEA-U-tiful pictures from the thrift store for 6 dollars :)
(This is just one.. the other one won't cooperate)

I've FINALLY got cable and internet working -- which comes just in time for my online classes.
I also got a desk too, but it's not put together yet cuz it's incredibly difficult and poor Tyler is sick...But this this what it'll look like when it's put together ( the camera doesn't like taking pictures of the desk, apparently, it was the best I could get)

All is well, other than the fact that I miss a few people ALOT. But i'll survive! :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Let me take a moment...

TO VENT. Seriously.

I'm just so sick of students (college), in Florida, to be exact, complaining about how much money they have to spend on college tuition because Bright Futures cut some money off.

Are you aware that VERY few states even have a college assistance program? Are you aware that you are an incredibly blessed student to have any sort of FREE aid to help you in the first place? Are you aware that until 1997 people had to pay for college WITH NO HELP from the state?

You need to take a step back from your high horse and be thankful that you live in a state that is willing to help you in any way. You need to be thankful that an assistance program still exists for you to even get to go to college in the first place.

You should be grateful for everything -- ANYTHING, that the state is willing to give you, they don't have to!

Ask someone out-of-state how much they were willing to pay to go to college and get an education and maybe it will put it in prospective..