Friday, July 31, 2009

I haven't had much to say lately... not much going on I guess.

I move in 4 weeks and that makes me both really nervous and really excited.. Here's a timeline of my month... Definitely turning into a busy month!!

August 5 - Visit my ortho doctor about my hip. Hope everything goes well!!!

August 12,13 - Go to Fort Myers for an appt. with my advisor and sign up for classes!!!! (Also, Tyler's 23rd birthday!)

August 17 - Move Jon to Bradenton for his NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yippie)

August 22 - Go to St. Petersburg with my family for a day of fun

August 28 - MOVE to Fort Myers!!!

September 5 - Orientation

September 10 - School Starts!!!!!!!

In the meantime, I plan to shadow my dad and continue to learn all about the medical field.
Pray for me =)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


A good friend recently got engaged -- a friend I've known for my whole life and is a year younger than me... making her 19.
Don't get me wrong, I'm super happy that she's happy and her ring is just absolutely STUNNING, and really who am I to judge someone else's relationship, I just have some mixed feelings about it.

Here are a few things I think should be in order for 2 people to get married::
(not judging any one couple, just from watching A LOT of silly high school friends go through it)

1. HAVE MONEY -- I'm not saying you need to be rich or anything, but enough to support yourself and your significant other. I completely understand unfortunate situations (like loss of employment) where help might be needed, but if you aren't married and don't have a job, save up for a while. A job at Subway or McDonalds probably won't support you AND someone else...

2. Date for more than a year (or 2) -- Those first months feelings are fantastic, but you need to see EVERY side of the potential person you'll be spending the rest of your life with -- not just the "we're still new at this -- I'm on my best behavior" side.

3. Be 21. You should be able to drink at your own wedding for goodness sake.

4. If you have to hide it from your parents -- you're probably too young or not mature enough.

5. Just because you are in love, or have been dating a long time, doesn't mean you're ready for marriage. Marriage is a serious commitment that takes a lot of work. Just a few things you have to pay for all on your own::
-car payments
-cell phone
-entertainment...all that date money is now used on more important things.
those add up to alot of money...

6. Have a plan. You need to be in sync with your partner and know what they have planned for the future, making sure it matches.

That's all I have for now.. Just my opinions =)
And congratulations Elise and David...

The beautiful ring on the hand of Elise Nicole =)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mickey Mouse

My niece, Katelynn, is turning 2 tomorrow. In honor of her birthday, Tyler and I made her a Mickey Mouse cake, her favorite character. =) It turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself.

The finished Mickey Mouse :)

I really love making cakes. Maybe one day I'll put some of the other ones I've done.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Today was fantastic :)

I began my day by going to Publix. Let me take this second to say how much I LOVE Publix. It is clean, friendly, close to my house, and almost always has exactly what I want in buy-one-get-one-free!! AND, it's an entire place full of food (duh...)

So after letting my mom, so graciously, might I add, buy me food and a magazine I came home and read, i just LOVE reading.
----->Side note: Don't you hate it when books leave you hanging and then you find out it's part of series..but the rest of the series hasn't come out yet? I hate it...

Then, my fantastic boyfriend came over and we went to over to get me an X-ray (that wasn't the so fantastic part, albeit important -- ya know making sure I have no scarring on my lungs...)

::My favorite part of the day:: On the way to the mall, I found a.....USED BOOK STORE!!!!! Oh my goodness, I was thrilled, absolutely thrilled. So after a couple illegal turns t, I get to go to the used book store. After an hour, but what felt like 10 minutes, we left. I only got one book, cuz I'm poor, but I found alot that I wanted -- for the future.

Then we went to the mall, not for long, and not for anything. We left. We came home and chilled for a while. Tyler slept on the couch while I read my book.

Soon, we were called for dinner. I was expecting this to be not so good. The recipe looked bland and my brother made it...but, oh boy, was I wrong. It was fabulous. Seriously, I ate too much. I will never doubt my brother or his cooking skills again :) After dinner we just hung out for a while.. my favorite thing to do with one of my favorite people.

Did I mention I had a fantastic day?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hips are dumb.

I had hip surgery... one month ago.

After months of pain when and when I wasn't running I decided to see the doctor, ugh. I went to a family doctor who sent me to an Orthopedic doctor -- Dr. Bonenburger (name makes me laugh every time). So, I saw him, he ordered an MRI with fluoroscopy, which is where they inject dye into the hip joint so see if there's a tear in the joint. It's painful!!!! I got the results, got sent to another doctor, Dr. Ruess and then he said "you have a labral tear and a CAM impingement... a perfect candidate for surgery.."

Two weeks later, I have surgery -- repair the labral tear and shave the bone that causes the CAM impingement. Surgery goes great! Recovery...not so much.

I apparently don't do anesthesia very well and ended up with aspiration pneumonia -- which is where the acid from your stomach burns your lungs. Oxygen is supposed to be at 100 -- which is a normal breathing human. With the help of extra oxygen on the highest setting, I was at 78... ICU here I come. I was in ICU for 3 days... I don't recommend it... it's AWFUL. Nurses deserve WAY more money for the things that they have to deal with...

The aspiration pneumonia heals after 5 days - YAY. I see the doctor 2 days later and he goes "You're doing great, you only have the cruthces for 3 and half more weeks"...Ugh...But, I got some great arm muscles :)

So, after 4 weeks of physical therapy and walking on crutches, I took steps. Yippie.
It wasn't as great as I thought it'd be.. I have to do things for myself again and my muscles were KILLING ME... but I can walk.

And in 3 months, I can run =)
That's my story. I don't recommend hip surgery!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tuesday Night....

Harry Potter is coming out...Tuesday night. Which means that Harry Potter has been on ALL weekend. I, sad to say, have watched most of them...

I wasn't big into the whole Harry Potter thing when the books actually came out and I remember during the 6th book (i think) when Dumbledore died. I was going to be a sophomore and I was at band camp and EVERYONE was reading it. I had no friends since I was new and for some reason no one wanted to be friends with me so I sat at lunch in the hallway (near everyone hoping that SOMEONE would be one was) and listened to the discussion that was going on about what they think will happen when someone cries (literally) "DUMBLEDORE DIES!!!!!!!" So everyone freaks out and starts talking about it. THEN, someone came up to me and asked me about it, trying to be nice but I said I hadn't read it, and so I was outcast still...

A year or two later, my brother got the books and lent them to me so I could read them. I loved them. I will NOT however be going to see Harry Potter this week or weekened. I hate openeing weekends...I enjoy my movies without hundreds of teenagers and noise..

If you go, let me know how it is :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Hey. This is my first blog. I tried a blog a while ago and well, that just didn't last. But I've decided to give it another go and tell more people about it and such.

I've chosen my title/domain site as 'Tune Thy Heart to Sing Thy Grace' from my favorite church song 'Come, Thou Fount.' It makes me tear up every time I hear and sing it and it's something that I want to thrive for. :)

That's all I've got for now, but I'll probably post something more interesting later! Thanks for coming!!