Saturday, August 28, 2010


I have a Jeep Liberty. A FABULOUS Jeep Liberty; it's name is Jesse. Yes, I named my car Jesse. My car pulled a MIRACLE today. Here's what happened.

When I was a junior in high school, I wore two rings every single day.  I loved them. One was a pretty pearl one and was was a pretty black heart.  The contrast of them both was pretty awesome.  Here's a picture :)
Sorry this isn't a good picture...

Anyways. I, for some reason that I can't fathom, took off my rings and put them in little holder in the door of my Jeep.  I went to get them again later that day, and it was GONE -- just the black heart one.  I was SoOo sad. I accepted the fact that my ring was gone, after searching and searching my Jeep for it.  I figured that it must've fallen out of the holder when I opened the door. 

This evening, after coming home from church, I looked in my cup holders and somehow (I have NO clue how it they got there), but somehow there was a whole bunch of pennies, bobby pins, and MY RING!!!!!!! As said, I have absolutely no clue how it got there, where it came from, but I am ecstatic. I have my ring back. Yippie. I thank Jesse, my beloved Jeep. 

Another quick story about my Jeep. The weekend Mary came to visit, my Jeep window broke. I have awful luck with my windows. Once, on fourth of July weekend, I was driving a few girls back from Red, White, and Boom and the girl in the back thought it would be funny to flirt with the guys in the next car and then role the window up and speed away really quick.  The plan backfired.  She flirted, embarassingly, and tried to open the window and it wouldn't go up!!! On top of that, the light was still red, so we were just sitting there. SO the car of boys next to us laughed at us :-\ 
Anyways, back to the weekend.  My window broke, and since I live in an apartment complex, I was paranoid like mad that someone would take my car and that it would rain. Well, I didn't fix the fact that someone could steal my car, but I fix it if it rained. And for your viewing pleasure, my ghetto car:
Nobody stole my car and it didn't rain :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Change

I have changed my blog design and name. I haven't changed the domain though, cuz that'd be confusing. :)

I finally finished the semester, with an A and a B, thankfully.  I am just about finished with CASPA, the online physician assistant application. I have to request my transcripts, finish my essay (which I'll post on here for you to read), wait for one more reference, and take the GRE. I plan on taking the GRE on September 14th, so I'm studying, studying, studying...

During my two week break I will take a small break from the GRE to go on a cruise with my mom. Yes, another cruise. We found one for super cheap leaving from Port Canaveral, which is only 45 minutes away, so we jumped on board (hehe) and snatched up the deal.  We are going to the Bahamas. Although I have been on this exact cruise 3 other times, I have never been to the Atlantis Resort... you know, this one....
Anyways, we book an all day excursion playing in this Resort, so we're hoping that those hurricanes and rain stay far, far away...

A few weeks ago, my friend Mary came and stayed with me in Fort Myers. We made it over to Sanibel and had some good food and girl time. It was extremely pleasant and fun. 

In other news, my wonderful friend, Elise, got MARRIED!!!! She was absolutely beautiful. It was a small wedding, with about 40ish people with a home reception at the pastor's house.  She had all those she loved and the food and company was great. I am so happy for her and Jason. <3
Elise was a stunning bride

Also, my BEAUTIFUL niece, Katelynn, started PRESCHOOL!!!!!!!!! Oh man, it was so exciting. She's growing up so fast, it's not fair!! She's such a cutie!!!
Her first day!!!

I wish I had something more blog worthy, which is perhaps the reason I haven't written anything in a while.  Hopefully when I get back to Ft. Myers and I have nothing to do but study, I'll write more :)

Hope you had a good summer!!