Friday, July 31, 2009

I haven't had much to say lately... not much going on I guess.

I move in 4 weeks and that makes me both really nervous and really excited.. Here's a timeline of my month... Definitely turning into a busy month!!

August 5 - Visit my ortho doctor about my hip. Hope everything goes well!!!

August 12,13 - Go to Fort Myers for an appt. with my advisor and sign up for classes!!!! (Also, Tyler's 23rd birthday!)

August 17 - Move Jon to Bradenton for his NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yippie)

August 22 - Go to St. Petersburg with my family for a day of fun

August 28 - MOVE to Fort Myers!!!

September 5 - Orientation

September 10 - School Starts!!!!!!!

In the meantime, I plan to shadow my dad and continue to learn all about the medical field.
Pray for me =)

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