Monday, July 13, 2009

Hips are dumb.

I had hip surgery... one month ago.

After months of pain when and when I wasn't running I decided to see the doctor, ugh. I went to a family doctor who sent me to an Orthopedic doctor -- Dr. Bonenburger (name makes me laugh every time). So, I saw him, he ordered an MRI with fluoroscopy, which is where they inject dye into the hip joint so see if there's a tear in the joint. It's painful!!!! I got the results, got sent to another doctor, Dr. Ruess and then he said "you have a labral tear and a CAM impingement... a perfect candidate for surgery.."

Two weeks later, I have surgery -- repair the labral tear and shave the bone that causes the CAM impingement. Surgery goes great! Recovery...not so much.

I apparently don't do anesthesia very well and ended up with aspiration pneumonia -- which is where the acid from your stomach burns your lungs. Oxygen is supposed to be at 100 -- which is a normal breathing human. With the help of extra oxygen on the highest setting, I was at 78... ICU here I come. I was in ICU for 3 days... I don't recommend it... it's AWFUL. Nurses deserve WAY more money for the things that they have to deal with...

The aspiration pneumonia heals after 5 days - YAY. I see the doctor 2 days later and he goes "You're doing great, you only have the cruthces for 3 and half more weeks"...Ugh...But, I got some great arm muscles :)

So, after 4 weeks of physical therapy and walking on crutches, I took steps. Yippie.
It wasn't as great as I thought it'd be.. I have to do things for myself again and my muscles were KILLING ME... but I can walk.

And in 3 months, I can run =)
That's my story. I don't recommend hip surgery!

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