Thursday, July 16, 2009


Today was fantastic :)

I began my day by going to Publix. Let me take this second to say how much I LOVE Publix. It is clean, friendly, close to my house, and almost always has exactly what I want in buy-one-get-one-free!! AND, it's an entire place full of food (duh...)

So after letting my mom, so graciously, might I add, buy me food and a magazine I came home and read, i just LOVE reading.
----->Side note: Don't you hate it when books leave you hanging and then you find out it's part of series..but the rest of the series hasn't come out yet? I hate it...

Then, my fantastic boyfriend came over and we went to over to get me an X-ray (that wasn't the so fantastic part, albeit important -- ya know making sure I have no scarring on my lungs...)

::My favorite part of the day:: On the way to the mall, I found a.....USED BOOK STORE!!!!! Oh my goodness, I was thrilled, absolutely thrilled. So after a couple illegal turns t, I get to go to the used book store. After an hour, but what felt like 10 minutes, we left. I only got one book, cuz I'm poor, but I found alot that I wanted -- for the future.

Then we went to the mall, not for long, and not for anything. We left. We came home and chilled for a while. Tyler slept on the couch while I read my book.

Soon, we were called for dinner. I was expecting this to be not so good. The recipe looked bland and my brother made it...but, oh boy, was I wrong. It was fabulous. Seriously, I ate too much. I will never doubt my brother or his cooking skills again :) After dinner we just hung out for a while.. my favorite thing to do with one of my favorite people.

Did I mention I had a fantastic day?

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