Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I just need to breathe, and relax.

I have orientation tonight!
Online classes start tomorrow!
And, on Monday, I start "in person" classes.

I am super excited.

My apartment is looking pretty great. I donn't have much decorations, but I've become a master sale shopper. I got 3 BEA-U-tiful pictures from the thrift store for 6 dollars :)
(This is just one.. the other one won't cooperate)

I've FINALLY got cable and internet working -- which comes just in time for my online classes.
I also got a desk too, but it's not put together yet cuz it's incredibly difficult and poor Tyler is sick...But this this what it'll look like when it's put together ( the camera doesn't like taking pictures of the desk, apparently, it was the best I could get)

All is well, other than the fact that I miss a few people ALOT. But i'll survive! :)

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