Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One of ThOsE nights...

Last night was one of those nights.
I basically had a breakdown about the future.
It all started with missing 2 and a half points on a quiz. That's it. 2 1/2 points. Ridiculous, I know. But what I basically did was look into my future, did a lot of math {figuring out exactly how many points I can miss and still get an A}, and came to the conclusion that I was going to get a B in my Anatomy and Physiology class. As I was doing math and freaking out, I kept thinking that if I got a B in this class and a B in Organic (hopefully I'll get a B in that class...) that no PA school will want me and I'll be stuck with nothing. All of this happening because of those 2 1/2 points. It got worse when we started the 88 slide lecture about tissue. I, having NEVER taken any anatomy and physiology class, have no clue about anything. I am learning it all brand new. Some stupid old, show-off, know-it-all guy thinks that he needed to answer all the questions the teacher asked correctly and had to reposition the apparently crappy job I did focusing my microscope, which just add to my breakdown that I truly know nothing and I never will.
Of course, all of this happened while still in the class, taking my mind away from paying attention to the lecture on tissue.
I called my mom on my way home and cried.
It was awful.
I, after a good night sleep, have come back to my senses and realized that 2 1/2 points will not keep me from getting an A in anatomy and physiology and I need to focus on TODAY. And even if I do happen to get a B in that class, I will most likely still get into a PA program. And I just have to ignore the stupid show-off guy and realize that I'm much cuter and far more like-able :)

Hope you're day was better than my night! :D



    I am not kidding. If that guy does something that arrogrant and pig-headed ever again, I will give him PLENTY of tears in his tissue to analyze under his perfectly focued microscope.

    And you DO know stuff. And you're working hard. And I'm talking to you RIGHT NOW so I'm not going repeat all of that here. But know I love you, and that you're awesome no matter what grades you get or what anyone else wants to make you believe. <3

  2. Good job, Bethany. I like the conclusion of your story :) I can totally understand, however, as I have done the same thing for my classes. You're going to great, chica!