Friday, January 22, 2010


I see a hint of light.. whether from a crack in the door, a hole in the wall, WHATEVER! IT'S THERE!

I'll explain :D
I have been in Fort Myers since September. I am, obviously, a hopeful P.A. student. To be "competitive" you need to have some experience in the health care industry. Whether that be actually already having some degree, shadowing, anything.
I have had absolutely ZERO luck trying to find someone that would be willing to let me shadow them. None. Zilch. Nada.
I pulled some strings, and finally something came up. My dad's NP (nurse practitioner) in Orlando has a best friend in Fort Myers who is an NP. She went to school in New York, and has a friend who just moved down here and is a PA! SO, When i was super sick, my dad's NP called me and gave me this guys number. I finally got the time to call him and...HE'S WILLING TO HELP! YAY!
Finally. Someone is helping. He's unfortunately sick, so he's going to call back on Monday and we're going to set something up. I. Cannot. Wait.

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