Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A New Beginning

School starts tomorrow. I have [almost] all of my books. One of my classes books have not arrived yet, but since the class doesn't start until Tuesday (the day of their estimated arrival) I'm not freaking out quite yet. I ordered a few extra supplements published with the book that weren't required or recommended, so hopefully I'll have a one-up on everyone else in the class and get the highest grade! Let me take a moment and clarify that I am NOT a competitive person. At. All. But for some reason, when it comes to school, I want to kick everyone's butt and be one hundred percent positive that I will get into PA school. I don't want to give them ANY reason to reject me, so I need to be at the top! I can't wait to learn!!!! :D

That's all for today, I'll probably post how my class when on Friday. Organic Chem. The book weighs more than me. I had a hard time picking it up, lol. My Dynamics of Aging class posted the syllabus, 26 pages!!! 3-4 assignments due PER WEEK. Definitely going to stay busy this semester. Hope the beginning of your semester is going splendid!!

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  1. Definitely sounds like you'll be busy, senorita. And I can totally identify with big books. I was so surprised by the weight of them when I went to go pick them up. Felt like such a weak link. Whatever :) Have fun studying and getting back into a routine and of course, playing with your adorable puppy!