Sunday, January 10, 2010

Coming to an End.

My time in Orlando is coming to an end, sadly. I've had a magnificent time here, although I am VERY much looking forward to starting my classes and being closer to getting into PA school!

I have a had a good birthday weekend (even though my actual birthday was less-than-stellar). My mom and I are going shopping tomorrow and I know that'll be tons of fun. My friend Ryan got me a great, practical cookbook that makes dinners and such with only 4 ingredients! Sounds right up my alley. Many of the things in the cookbook are super convenient and stuff that I would have anyways, but definitely didn't think of putting together, I'm thrilled to try this out.

When I return to Ft. Myers, I plan on visiting the Y, making sure it's not sketchy, and then hopefully signing up! I will also go to my local Joann's (after finding out where it is...) and grab a class schedule and sign up for my quilt making lessons. I am also going to set aside time to get going on that GRE studying. Standardized Testing and i don't get along. At. All.

Soon, it's back to being a full time student. Can't wait! :)

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