Friday, January 15, 2010


The amount of money that I saved today! Yay.
I went shopping and spent about 80, BUT I saved 170. Yahoo.
Nike Be Strong Graphic Women's Capris
I got these except instead of the blue, it's pink!! Nike Dri-FIT Pacer Women's Running Tank Top
I got this too, except a white shirt and blue outline. It's pretty.
I got both of these half off!! :D

I also got these from JCPenny.

I got the platter for $5 and the plates for $3 a piece!

I found this quilt for $20 and it was orginally $80! I just LOVE it. It brightens up my room and makes me happy every time I walk into my room. Yay. (picture courtesy the bag it came in.. NOT my actual bed, unfortunately....)
Was definitely a successful shopping day.

I had my first class last night. It. Was. LOOOOOONNNNNNG. I thought it was NEVER going to end. I definitely think the class is going to be extremely difficult. Not much to say on it, but the prof. is a major talker. He talks and talks and talks and talks, which of course leads to a full 4-hr. class.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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