Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Day of My Birth

IS SATURDAY!! I'll be 21. Yay.
Not that I'm especially looking forward to being 21 (I totally don't care about drinking) but I do love birthdays! I have not much planned, except for a gazillion dinners including Cheesecake Factory, Carrabbas, and Kobe. Yummy. Calories. Yummy.

I am going to Carrabbas on my actual birthday and then to Rising Star with my sis-in-law, Alexa after that. Should be fun, I guess...

On Sunday though, I get to go out with my whole family and open presents!!! My newly engaged brother, Jon will be there and that's fortunate, cuz he lives away from us now. It will be loads of fun. I can't wait.

On a different note, Jon proposed to Kim on CNN Live around 10 in Times Square on New Years Eve. Unfortunately it was more for show and the weddings is actually not until 2011, but it was still pretty neat, for sure. Enjoy! He managed to get himself on NBC, CNN, and ABC. Crazy..
This was right after he proposed, she said yes.

This was them singing to Daughtry who was in concert.

The NBC one is a video, at 2 minutes and 33 seconds, they kiss. Awe.

He did manage to get videos of all of these, but the still shots are cooler and take less time to view =)

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