Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Neverending Story

School. That is the neverending story. I feel like I've been doing it ALL MY LIFE. Oh wait, I have! :)

Starting to think about this upcoming semester has gotten me a little bit stressed -- and right now all I'm doing is thinking about it!
Here's just a few of things that I have to do the semester
-Anatomy and Physiology 1
-Organic Chemistry
-Dynamics of Aging
-Train and love on a new puppy (the love part, not-so-hard; training, whew..I'm tired already)
-GRE prep, review, and take test
-Start Physician Assistant School Prep
-Find and start shadowing PA's
-Meet new people (which means breaking out of my comfort zone and just putting myself out there! Look out world [or Ft. Myers])
-Exercise regularly -- which will hopefully help keep the stress levels down, but making time is still a difficult task!

My workload (without an actual job!) is looking very tough. I will definitely manage but sometimes I can get lonely and un-motivated, especially in light of my recent breakup. I will also have to cook just about every meal, as going out is expensive and I no longer have the luxury of eating lunch daily with Tyler and his family. I plan to get on board making a bunch of stuff and just freezing them. Also, I got a George Foreman for Christmas! Can't wait to use that.

Thus far, this blog has been on the sadder side, so here's a few pictures of my new puppy, Cinnamon, for a little bit of a pick-me-up!! :)

Yay. Luckily, I have a cheerleader that will never leave my side and is my constant companion. I am fortunate to be a christian and know that God will always be there...I definitely couldn't make it through on my own. I hope that one day, everyone will know that they will always have someone, even when they feel completely alone -- and I hope to remember that this semester.

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