Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm around...

I shadowed for the last two days. I wish I had something to say. But I don't.. Sorry :-\

I changed my layout again. It was there, I was bored. That's pretty much why. I personally prefer the other design much better, but I like the way the layout is and the font and colors and stuff.. Hmm...We'll see how long it stays :)

My mother and I ventured down to Fort Myers for the night. I have to go a Saturday lab in the morning and we are dissecting a heart. That should be interesting.  We met up with my brother for dinner and that was fun.  We went to Carrabbas. My fave.

I had to take in my computer to the geeks over at Best Buy. They might (probably) will have to send it in and that will take 2-3 weeks. AHH. But my parents have an extra computer (well.. not really extra, but it gets passed around). So I'll have to use that for a while. :(

Pretty much low on words for the last few days. Maybe it's just those lazy-hazy-crazy days of summer? Stay tuned :)

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