Saturday, June 19, 2010

All sorts of stuff :)

I have been MIA for a while, but I come back with lots of thoughts :)

So, first off. I started my shadowing with the doctor that runs the office I shadow at. We'll call him Dr. J. He, as well as running his own business, does lots of surgeries and rounds in the hospital. He's a busy, busy guy, going in at 7 AM and leaving for his home at 7ish PM. I only worked with him for 6 and a half hours and I was EXHAUSTED!! I got to see a cardiac catheterization and and insert of a stent. A cath helps see if you have an clogged arteries by making a small incision in the groin and inserting a tube through the vein and artery. Once inserted, they will insert a dye that highlights the arteries to see if there is a clot.  If there is a clot, they might insert a stent. A stent is a small tiny coiled tube that is placed in the artery to expand the artery and increase blood flow. It was very interesting to see. When I told my dad I was going to see it, he gave me one piece of advice "Do NOT pass out" I didn't pass out, and wasn't bothered by it at all. I thought it was cool!

While doing rounds, we saw this guy who had a melanoma in his eye, causing it to close.  He told us he didn't want to get surgery cuz he thought God would heal it, but He hasn't.  I personally believe that God gave man the tools to fix his eye, and perhaps that IS the healing... but whatever. If the man don't want surgery, he ain't gonna have surgery. Maybe God will heal it. That'd be cooler anyways. 

Also whilst walking around in the hospital, I discovered something about myself. First off, when I was younger I swore that I would never enter the medical field, now look at me... When I finally chose the medical field, I swore I would never work pediatrics. Well, I may have had a change in heart.  When we were walking through the hospital, we passed quickly through some peds section and I immediately felt a difference. It was so much lighter and happy (even though they were all sick). I just felt a huge difference and I loved it.  Of course, I won't know what I truly like until I do my clinicals, but peds is back in the running. :)

I have a meeting on Monday at my school about the Hodges nominations for Nova Southeastern. This is the "preliminary nominations." I was on that list, which is good news.  I am not sure what the meeting will be like -- I hope it's interesting. 

I suppose that is it for now. Enjoy your weekend :)


  1. Great job for getting nominated! And yay for peds being in back in the running - not that I'm biased or anything :) It sounds like you're enjoying your shadowing and not fainting. I am a personal fan of treating people with intact skin.

  2. OMG I would have been passed out and vomitting and in INTENSE therapy for YEARS if I had witnessed that. You go!!!

    Also, good luck with the meetings and stuff! And I could see you doing pediatrics. You're good with kids and stuff. :)