Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 2

I will probably be updating for each day that I shadow. Mostly because I am forgetful and would like to remember what I learned, and only slightly cuz it's mildly interesting :)

Also, I got a new blog layout.  My mom, who has come to like reading my blog (HI MOM!) told me she could hardly read it due to my colors. So, I thought it was my layout. It turns out that it wasn't my layout but something in the settings, but I ended up liking this one so much I'll keep it!

So. Day 2 at Cardiovascular Interventions!
I got there early and none of the PAs were there yet, so I went back to see Christie in the nuclear lab.  She was doing a treadmill stress test and a chemical stress test. So, I watched them for about 30 minutes and went out to see if I could find Paul or Jonathan (the PAs). Paul was there and he told me to go ahead and finish watching the stress tests and to come on out when I was finished. So, I did.

After the tests, I went and followed Paul for a very long while. All the people that we saw were for the most part fine, and were just there for precautionary reasons and to make sure nothing has worsened and to check medications.  He was caught up and so I went back and watched some more stress tests.  Paul came and got me a bit later and we saw more patients.  At cardiovascular Interventions, they do tests and results for the ultrasound and stress tests on the same day. So, I was able to follow a guy through the stress tests and then his visit. He was healthy.

The last patient of the day was my fave. He was Russian and just an absolute sweetheart.  Unfortunately, although seeming and feeling like he was in great health, his stress test showed that he might have a blocked artery.  It was nice being able to see one that wasn't normal, because up until then I had seen like 6-7 normal ones (although that is good). They have to do a cardiac catheterization.  This will then prove if he has a blocked artery or not. If he does, they will put in a stent, if not, they will put him on medication and monitor it. 

Overall, it was a very interesting day. Thanks for letting me bore you with it. I think I'll learn a lot and I really love the people! Have a great weekend!

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  1. You do not bore me, mi amiga. I find your posts very interesting! And I like the new change to the blog! Hope you're doing well as busy as you are :)