Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekend O' Fun

On Friday night, I had the fortune of eating at Del Frisco's in a private room. We had steak and lobster (well, everyone else did, I don't like lobster) and crab cakes and just a TON of food. It was delicious!!

Also, on Friday night, Jon "officially" proposed to Kim, with a ring, and she said yes. :) Go to Kim's Page to read about the proposal and see more pictures. It's a cute story. Yay for future sisters-in-law!

Then on Saturday, it was Alexa (my sister in law)'s birthday, and she choose to eat at Colorado Fondue.  It's quite an experience. You start off with bread, and then a salad, and then you get fondue cheese (I got cheddar) and then you get a really really hot rock and raw meat. You cook the meat yourself on the rock and enjoy. Then for dessert you get fondue chocolate. I got mudslide..Kahlua and Irish Creme blended in milk chocolate with crushed Oreo and graham cracker cookies. The chocolate and the strawberries are my personal fave. After dinner, we got a picture with the moose, named Big Al.
(Sorry Josh for blocking you...)

Then, I saw "Valentine's Day" on Valentine's Day with my mom. I was disappointed.. It really wasn't a bad movie, but I don't think I'd recommend it.


The opening credit had 20 main characters!!! It was sort of hard to follow because you would forget about the characters and which story line they were attached to.. and then, of course, everyone knew everyone, and you really had to pay attention...Some of the story lines were not something that I morally agree with, but it's Hollywood. If you see it, make sure you see the bloopers, they were funny :)

Hope you had a GREAT Valentine's Day <3  

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  1. Del Frisco's looks AMAZING! And congrats to Jon and Kim...they're adorable!

    (Also, mad props on being grammatically correct with "sisters-in-law" and not "sister-in-laws." YOUR INTELLIGENCE DID NOT GO UNNOTICED. =D)