Friday, February 19, 2010

I should be doing....

You know that feeling when you just DON'T want to study... but you know you have to.
Here's a little snapshot of what I should be doing :)



Here's what I want to be doing :)



(That's Olive Garden, btw, which I am TOTALLY craving right now..)

Unfortunately, although it's the weekend, I have 2 labs tomorrow, so I won't be doing much. Tomorrow night though, I will be going to the Edison Festival of Lights. Hopefully that will be fun. Also... I completely hurt my hip in Pilates yesterday (which I didn't notice until this morning..Ugh). I REALLY hope that the pain goes away soon. :)


  1. i dont blame you, I wouldn't want to do that stuff either. hope your hip feels better!

  2. I can totally feel you on the anatomy studying - as you can tell, I'm avoiding studying as well. Hope you have fun at the Festival of Lights and enjoy the study break :)

  3. I so don't envy your degree of choice. However, for some reason, that shopping pic makes me lol every time I see it. =D