Sunday, February 28, 2010


I went to a BEAUTIFUL wedding this weekend in Orlando. It was a very memorable weekend and I am glad to have shared the day with them.   I also got to see my friend, Courtney, which I was just absolutely thrilled about. I saw some friends had I hadn't seen in a while (and even got to sit with them for a bit), which was very pleasant. I love catching up.

Tyler and I drove down on Friday afternoon and got to have dinner with Ben (my brother) and my parents that evening -- I L-o-V-e my mom's cooking! Then we just chilled for the evening. I didn't sleep well AT ALL that night though. My niece, Kate, stayed with us and about 1 in the morning, she woke up scared due to Tyler's very, very loud text message that is Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka screaming something (I still couldn't figure it out)...The text message went off every like 9 minutes ALL NIGHT LONG. (Tyler is NOT a light sleeper and didn't hear it...) So, dark and scared, my niece wanted to sleep in my bed with me. Let me tell you right now, 2-yr olds have absolutely no sense of personal space whatsoever, especially when sleeping. So, I didn't sleep. But I did wake up to Blueberry muffins :) 

The next morning, we went out to an early lunch. It was early because we had the wedding to get to, and my parents had to leave because my brother was running a marathon the next morning and they went to stay with him. It was his first (and last, according to him) marathon. 

After the wedding, we drove back home.  It was a very pleasant car ride and Tyler and I had some very good conversation.  AND we got to eat Pizza Hut for dinner (which I haven't had since we broke up because I feel like it'd be a waste ordering the pizza for just me..) He drove the whole way, which was VERY sweet of him. I don't think I could've driven though, I was SO exhausted (and I hate driving, which he knows).  I came home and slept very well :) 

~Here's some pictures of the weekend~

 Getting married!!


Me and Christie. :)

Congratulations Rob and Christie. You make a beautiful couple in Christ and I am honored to be your friend

(On a different note, I have 2 tests and a paper due this week, so pray for me!!!)

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