Friday, February 5, 2010

A bit of FuN!

I saw this on Brittney's page at Far More Than Rubies and thought it was too cute to pass up. I just LOVE the blogging world. :)

I AM - an aspiring Physician Assistant!!

I HAVE – the most wonderful mother in the whole world!

I WISH – that I could be in Orlando right now.

I WANT – to get all A's in my classes.

I FEAR – not getting into P.A. school.

I HEAR – Gilmore Girls on TV. :)

I WONDER – if 500 Days of Summer is as good as everyone says.

I REGRET – not taking Anatomy and Physiology in high school!

I LOVE – food!

I ALWAYS – follow the rules. Always.

I USUALLY – watch FRIENDS before going to sleep.

I AM NOT – looking forward to taking the GRE.

I SING – in the car to really loud music.

I RARELY – wear heels. They hurt.

I NEVER – will be tall :-\ Sad.

I CRY- at holiday Publix commercials. They get me everytime. [It's really just tearing up,not like serious crying..]

I AM NOT ALWAYS-focused. I tend to get distracted easily. :)

I NEED- to study.


  1. Your last two would describe me exactly - as you can tell since I'm in blog world. and don't worry about the GRE, chica! You'll do great!

    Hope you're having fun with escuela :)