Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break!

I don't actually get a spring break, because my school isn't like most schools, but it's okay. I had a FANTASTIC weekend. It included the beach, Elise, Mary, Ryan, Alexa, Mark, Kate, my mom, shopping, and a brand new pair of beautiful Sperry's!

On Friday night, I went to Elise's house and spent the evening and night with her. It was just like when we were kids, except for playing with Barbie's, we talked for hours. It was splendid. 

On Saturday, I took Katelynn (my niece) to the park after visiting my brother, Mark, for a while.  At the park, it was TWINS AND TRIPLETS Day. OMGOSH. Seriously though. It was like some club of baby twins and triplets celebrating Easter. I've never seen to many in my life, and I don't want to ever again.  Katelynn had fun, and got to see the Easter bunny.
Alexa, Kate, and I went to the mall after the park. We ate at California Pizza Kitchen (YUM!) and then shopped for a bit, but we didn't get anything. It was fun nonetheless.  I then went shopping by myself and later that night I got to eat dinner with a great friend, Ryan. It was extremely pleasant.  He's always easy to talk to. 

Then on Sunday, Mary and I went to the beach!!!!
I LOVE Mary :)
My parents came home from California on Sunday night/Monday morning. So, my mom and I and Kate went to the mall. I NEVER EVER buy things for myself, I just don't (unless it's food, I buy too much of that lol) but I decided that I wanted to get myself a pair of Sperry's. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sperry's. I wear mine daily and they are the most fantastic pair of shoes in the whole wide world. So, I got a pair of performance Sperry's. Basically tennis shoes that I can get wet and do all this out-doorsy stuff in. I plan to do lots of that this summer. Here's a picture of my beautiful new shoes. (Sperrytopsider.com)
I am so excited!!! That was my spring break.


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    I was gonna blog our beach day, but I forgot. And then I remembered and I couldn't find the quote I wanted to go in the title. So I meant to look it up at the library yesterday, which is where I first happened upon said quote, but I forgot because I was researching child abuse in Dickens (by which I really mean reading about the geography of Sherlock Holmes). Then I was like, "Ugh, I need to go and write this paper," and then I wrote my paper, and this morning I went to work and just now got home from class. So as you can see, I've been rather busy and quite neglected to blog about the beach day.

    It may yet happen. :)