Thursday, March 18, 2010

Research and Reality

I do TONS of research on getting into P.A. schools, the stats needed, the volunteer work, the GPA, the GRE, and so on and so forth.. but when the times comes to actually DOING the things needed for those stats, I sometimes lack in motivation. Studying for the GRE.. memorizing endless vocabulary words, attempting to understand Organic Chemistry.. I just don't want to do it.. I'm in that terrible place where it seems so far away, I just can't seem to find an end in sight...

I can do this. I can. And I will...
I just need to keep reminding myself that, it'll be worth it..

On a much, much sadder note... I am interested in blogging, and I found some great blogs that I've been following, but have never met. On of them was A Little Pink in a World of Camo. She is a newly married (10 months) 23-year old with a brand new baby girl (honeymoon baby)..She is also the wife of a Marine.
On March 15, she found out her husband was killed in Afghanistan, he never got to meet his baby girl. This is a tragic time for her and her baby and their families.  Although you may not know them (me either) they could use some prayer. 

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  1. That is heartbreaking, Bethany. It is my biggest fear to lose Sean.

    On a brighter note, you can do it, chica! You will be an excellent PA - just jump through all their hoops.