Sunday, March 28, 2010

Church Camp

Now, obviously you can tell by the look on my very young face that I hated camp. Every miserable day I was at camp, I just wanted to get out of there. I think I'm like the only one in the world to hate camp, but sharing a room with 10 girls, not sleeping, and forcing me to go into a lake, NOT my idea of fun. At all. I probably look so unhappy in this picture cuz I hadn't slept in days due to giggly girls at 4 in the morning, not to mention they force you to wake up at 7:30 to eat breakfast.

Wow, off that soapbox. I have a point. I promise :)

Anyways. Camp is one of those places that give people the ultimate "high" that churchgoers get.  You know, the spiritual "highs" and "lows"...You come home and you feel great about God and your life WILL be different this time... (and it rarely ever is). I, at some point during the years, have come to dislike that feeling.

I have become so bitter at this "high" that christians get that I had been trying to avoid it. Yes, you read correctly. I have been trying to AVOID the spiritual high. In my avoidance, I learned that I can not avoid it, if I want to remain close to God.  I, of course, realize that lows will happen, but I believe they will bring an even better spiritual high.  I have been in a spiritual low, for quite some time. I am confident that God is teaching you something when you are in a spiritual low.
I need to learn to disconnect myself from the "camp feeling" and realize that spiritual highs are a good thing. Everyone who is a believer should feel close to God as often as possible. Spiritual highs are necessary.No one should ever be content in their spiritual walk, because God is always trying to teach us something! Yay!

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