Friday, February 4, 2011

"In the Navy"

I've got BIG news!

As you know, I was accepted to the NSU PA Program, beginning June 1, 2011. 

The tuition of the program will be ~$25,529/year (excluding living and books). If you are in a graduate program or even undergraduate program for many people, it is a large sum of money. 

Most people use loans, and repay the loans upon graduation.

I have decided to attempt a different route. 

I am applying for the U.S. Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program!!!!!
This is something that I really want and will be proud, if accepted, to continue the tradition of my father and his father by serving in the United States Navy.

If accepted, there are many benefits:
  • 100% of your tuition is paid. 
  • Monthly stipend of $2060 to spend as you like.
  • All educationally required school fees (minus housing and meals) are paid.  
  • Full reimbursement for required books, supplies, and equipment. 
For this, I will be required to serve three years in the US Navy after graduation (among other various requirements during the time in school. The PA program, will, however, remain the #1 priority whilst in school.)
I am beginning the application process soon. I am waiting to hear back from the recruiter who will guide me along in this process. Unfortunately, the process takes about 3-4 months, and so I will not hear back until May!!!

I am very excited about this and will definitely keep you updated on all my goings-on for the process of applying to this program, as well as applying for regular financial aid (in case of rejection). I will also keep up with the process of actual PA school between now and the start date!

And on that note: I received my OFFICIAL LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE! 
(As well as how to give them my $$)


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  1. Wow! Two big decisions in a very short time! The Navy has always had a piece of my heart and so I commend you on your desire to serve our country :)