Monday, February 7, 2011

"Get a Move On, People!"

Hey Hey Hey!

After phone tag for 3 days, the recruiter FINALLY reached me.

She is an awesome person, super helpful, and has an accent that mimics Paula Deen.

She happens to be coming to Orlando this weekend, so I will be making yet another trip home for the weekend (but Jon will be gone... sad). We are meeting on Thursday at 9:30.
She said "Make sure you bring you ID because you have to go through an armored gate and they're gonna need to know you are." If I wasn't intimidated yet, I AM NOW.

So, she sent me an email with everything I need to get. It's gonna be fun.  I need the obvious, like birth certificate, SSN card, transcripts. But I also need ALL my medical records (due to my migraines/surgery) and 3 character references, and letter of acceptance.  As well as about 1000 forms to fill out.

We have to move quickly because they are meeting this month and apparently the security clearance is what takes the longest.  She also mentioned that there are 18 spots and 21 "kits" so far.  She did say I had a solid GPA, so hopefully I'll be chosen, but we'll see.

It's all in God's hands, so I'm not worried if I get accepted or not. It'll all work out one way or another.
Pray for me on Thursday morning at 9:30 am :)

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  1. Wow, friend. You'll be busy. I'll be praying for you, mi amiga!