Thursday, April 15, 2010

What Happens In Vegas...

Don't have much to say, so I'll say what I'm thinking::::

In ONE WEEK I take my Organic Chemistry final!!!!
I have about an 87 in the class right now, so that's extremely encouraging. 

 CASPA (The online PA application) has officially opened, which means that I can officially start my application, which means I am officially freaking out!

In TWO WEEKS I get to go on a cruise with my mother!
For 2 whole weeks I get to read whatever I want, and not a textbook!! Woohoo!

I get to go home this weekend on Saturday to watch Kim, my future sister-in-law, try on wedding dresses!!
This is the front-runner. Gorgeous.
Dress: Vogue

On Sunday, I get to spend the entire evening and night with Mary and we're going to eat at Too Jay's and watch Sherlock Holmes and talk and I just am so excited. I love Mary!

Did I mention I get to go Vegas in June?! I've never been, but can't wait. 

 If you want some great shopping tips for some inexpensive clothes, check out Mary's blog this week!

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