Monday, April 5, 2010


I got to come home for Easter weekend

I met my mom at the Bass Pro Shop because I needed hiking boots. I have failed to mention that I am going on a week long hiking trip. It's not quite the hiking trip you'd imagine. We rented a chalet (like a log cabin) and we are going to be day hiking. We will be dropped off/picked up by a person from our group who isn't hiking and we'll spend the evenings happy in beds, relaxing in the hot tub. This is where we are staying::
Anyways, I got hiking boots, these to be exact.. ( I know, I know, they are HIDEOUS. BUT I found pink socks, so it's all okay :D)
After that, we went to the nearby outlet malls (fabulous!) I needed a jacket that could be used in light weather or heavy weather and one that was waterproof. So, we headed over to Columbia Sportswear, where I found a $260 jacket for $50!! 
On Saturday, we went shopping for some furniture and then headed over to my brother and his wife's house for some dinner and went to bed early for Sunday.  
On Sunday, we went to church and then went to the local Country Club for lunch -- a tradition we've had for about 18 years, if not more.  My mom and I went to see "The Last Song" that afternoon.
*Spoiler Alert*
This was a Nicholas Sparks novel that was made into a movie. Now, he is famous for writing sappy love stories where a main character (usually) dies. My mom HATES movies where people die, absolutely hates it. (I thought she was never going to see a movie with me again after "A Walk to Remember").. Anyways, I looked up a review and decided that no one dies, so I convinced her to go with me. Of course, half way through the movie, someone coughs and she looks at me with the death stare and I knew I was in trouble. Oops. She forgave me, once again, but vowed to never ever see another Nicholas Sparks movie again. 
Monday, I got to go shopping briefly with my mom and we took Katelynn to Chuck-E-Cheeses.
After that, I got to have lunch with Mary, whom my Wordless Wednesday Post was dedicated to. We went shopping as well and that was, as always, very enjoyable.  I came home and chilled with my mom and then we went out to dinner with my dad and brother and Kate.  We came home and relaxed again.  I had such a great Easter weekend. 

Hope you did too :) 

P.S. Please pray for my family. We will most likely have to put my grandmother in a nursing home this week and that will be very difficult on my father.  Please pray that the transition, if one is made, goes smoothly and everything works out..

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