Saturday, May 15, 2010

Freewrite... Why not.

So, for tonight's blog entry, i just decided to write. anything. everything. something. whatever. no grammar, unless it just comes out, no stopping, unless I'm truly wordless...

I started an online class. Well, I was supposed to start an online class. Like 3 days ago. and I was late, to my FIRST assignment. Ugh. I was SOOO angry. I am not late. It just doesn't happen. and to be late for my first assignment shows that I don't care enough to be on time, which is so not true and i just don't want to give the teacher a false impression. I hate myself tonight for being late. I simply hate it. But there is nothing i can do.

I talked to someone tonight. i found out something that i originally, months ago, thought would pain me. the good news: no pain. not a flicker of pain. nothing. it validated my decision and made me feel good and that i made the right decision. yippie :) i feared jealousy, cuz i am a very jealous person, but there was no jealously, and that made me feel really good. and after being mad at myself for the online class, i felt pretty good...

Eh, that's about all the freewrite that I feel like writing... Whatever. Perhaps next time I'll write something more interesting :)
Thanks for stopping by...

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  1. I like your freewrite, chica. It seemed like a conversation. And I'm glad you're doing well! Yay for validation!
    You're welcome for stopping by :)