Tuesday, May 4, 2010


After taking a break from blogging to go on a fabulous cruise with my mother -- I am back to reality. Well, for a week at least, and then I go day hiking in the mountains for a few days. But then, it really is back to reality... 

I did pretty well this semester, with 2 A's and a B, silly Organic. I was close to an A though, I had a 87..I survived. If you remember, at the beginning of the semester, I wasn't so confident :) I have a slight change in my plans, do to the needed bachelor's degree and wanting to raise my GPA just a tad before I apply. I will now plan on applying in August, instead of July. A bit less stress on me, which is nice.

That's just a little update, and here's a picture from my cruise!!
I was GOING to put more up, but it's taking forever to upload pictures, and I just don't have the patience this evening. This is my mom and I in front of a cave in Mexico. It was SO much fun.

More to come later. 
P.S. Happy Birthday to Jon and Kim!!! (They have the same b-day)

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  1. That's so neat that you go on mother-daughter cruises! It looks like you had fun.

    And good job on your grades, amiga. That's pretty impressive. Taking science classes in grad school has definitely taught me the difference between the As I got in my Spanish classes and the As (and Bs) I get in my science classes. I work much harder for those Bs than I ever did for the As in literature.

    Enjoy your vacation!