Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nova Southeastern - Orlando!

On Thursday last week, I was called up and offered an INTERVIEW to the Orlando campus of Nova Southeastern! Orlando is my first choice so I am absolutely thrilled and extremely nervous!
Hopefully this will be my school starting in June!!!!

Anyways, I have my interview on December 6. I go in at 8am and I will have an hour to write an essay on the topic of their choice. After the essay, I am given a tour of the campus (mainly the top floor, which houses the PA program). Then, I am given some financial aid information and the group of students are brought to the panel and interviewed at random, one by one. After that, I am free to leave. I will hear if I am accepted, denied, or placed on the alternate list anywhere from instantly to four weeks after the interview.  
If anyone has tips on interviewing, that'd be great =)

 I am SO nervous and
 SO excited.

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