Sunday, September 12, 2010


I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the feeling of fall and winter. I am thrilled.
I know that Florida really misses out on the whole "fall/winter" thing... but it's what I know and I love it.

Here's a list of what I LOVE about the upcoming seasons! Just fall for now..
--Cute clothes -- I just love me some sweaters!
--Apple Cider (the smell is almost as good as the taste!)
--Pumpkin Spice Lattes
--Pumpkin carving
--Pumpkin patches and fall festivals
--Pumpkin pie

    (Clearly I am into pumpkins lol...)
--The wonderful FOOD, does it get better than Thanksgiving? I think not.
--The day-after-Thanksgiving SHOPPING. I've already planned where we're going.
--Christmas music.
    (Let me explain this one. In Florida, I consider it fall until December, when it KIND OF starts getting cold. Christmas music starts on Thanksgiving, which is in November, therefore it can be included =D )
--The wonderful fall colors
 Who cares that I can't see it in Florida... I can still wear the colors and look at pictures :)
 This is a pic from a fellow blogger that I follow. She has the most adorable decorations!!
Follow Courtney!
--Halloween. I am not really one for Halloween, but for some reason, you can make the CUTEST Halloween pastries! And looking at Halloween pics are always priceless.)
(Made by Mary! , isn't she so talented and creative?! 
(The pic above, not the food!)

--Holiday Candles
--Cinnamon Brooms, you know... The smelly good ones from Publix!
Oh, I just LoVe Fall!

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  1. and then after thanksgiving you get to submit your xmas list!!!!!